Why did I start blogging and why you should too?

Why did I start blogging and why you should too?


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Introducing myself to the hashnode community

First of all thanks to hashnode for creating this great platform and an awesome community of developers. Before I start this exciting journey let me introduce myself.

πŸ‘‹ Hi! I am Rutik Wankhade. I am a frontend developer, an avid learner who is passionate about web technologies and building things with code. I love creating open-source projects and contributing to the community. Besides programming I love reading books and biographies, blogging, watching ted talks, playing sports, traveling, and learning new things every single day.

Why did I start blogging?

Well, the purpose of this blog is pretty simple. I always believed in the mantra of learn-apply-share. So this blog is all about my learning and experiences. Right now I am in my learning phase and I think this process of documenting my journey from the beginning is really gonna help me learn and grow.

But wait, I am not an expert! So what? I think waiting till you β€œbecome an expert” is a waste of time. The best advice I had was You Will Never Be Ready. Do It Anyway! And we all can contribute with what we know today. It doesn't have to be a big thing. We can start small. I guess this way I can see things from a fresh perspective.

Here are the top 3 reasons why I started this blog.

1. ✍ Documenting my journey

To be honest I am writing this for myself. These are my notes. If I feel like writing about a topic, I will go for it! I want to document everything I learn.

2. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« Learn by explaining

The ultimate test of your knowledge is your capacity to convey it to another. -Richard Feynman

It is obvious that one has to do a lot of research in the process of writing a blog, and by doing so I am gonna learn a hell lot of things by studying different topics in depth.

3. πŸš€ Giving back to the community

We have some awesome people in the dev industry who are always ready to help and contribute. Their existence is a gift to the community. So this is also my chance to give back to the community that helped me get started, a place I am proud to be part of.

🀩 So I am very excited. And looking forward to learning and write some interesting posts here.

I keep writing about the things I learned and applied. So you can connect with me on Twitter, Github or Linkedin. Also, subscribe to my newsletter and stay up-to-date with my latest blog posts.

⚑ Happy learning!

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