Week 1: Documenting the learning process

Week 1: Documenting the learning process


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I looked at my GitHub contribution-graph Today, it's almost a year now since I started my coding journey. What a coincidence!

github graph -rutik-wankhade.png

I was a complete beginner. I knew nothing. The communities played a big part in helping me figure out what to learn. Throughout the year I kept learning and pushing the code. To be honest those green dots were so addictive that I used to try so hard to maintain the streak. Now I know how harmful it can be. rutik-wankhade-github-graph-2020.png I know. It's not the best way to measure someone's work. But looking back, I can see my progress, what mistakes I did and the lessons I learned. Though I don't care much about the stats anymore.

A fresh start

I am more into the process now. And the best way to track my progress is to document the process. I know some tech, made a few projects too but now it's time to start afresh.

So what's the motivation?

  • For a long time I felt like I am not utilizing my full potential. I believe I can do a lot more and that pushed me to make a move.
  • I finished reading "Deep Work" by Cal Newport. And I want to implement it and make a difference in my professional life.
  • Recently I have become a part of a mentorship program called FullStackCamp by Deepak Kumar which will help me learn and apply more.
  • I will be graduating in 2021 and I want to be ready to face the real world.

The challenge

So I am taking the challenge of writing a blog every week for the next 12 weeks. I will write about the things I learned throughout the week, the resources I used, the ups and downs, and the whole process of learning. I will document everything.

I know committing to something is super easy. Execution is what makes the difference. I am well aware of all the challenges I have to face and the sacrifices I have to make. It won't be easy. But I will give my best.

๐Ÿ“… The first week

The first week was all about brushing up on my fundamental skills.

  • I read about HTML and CSS and got to know some new stuff that I didn't know earlier.
  • Created a simple portfolio site and practiced on the Freecodecamp's curriculum.
  • Learned git concepts in deep and started using emojis in my git commit messages. It's cool you know. You can follow Gitmoji's guide or you can follow this simple guide emoji-log for commit messages.

Also, I love watching talks, whether it's a ted talk or some other tech conference I enjoy watching them. So to make this journey more interesting I will be sharing my favorite talk every week here. Maybe an insightful Twitter thread too and many more.

So this is exciting and fun. Let's see how it goes. `

Talk of the week: The Super Mario Effect - Tricking Your Brain into Learning More | Mark Rober

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โšก Happy Learning!

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